Being so close to the ocean, climate is Casablanca Valley's primary distinguishing characteristics. The hills to the west are hardly high enough to protect the valley from morning fog and ocean breezes. The Pacific Ocean off Chile's central coast is cold, its waters fed by the Humboldt Current, so those breezes almost always moderate the warm valley temperatures.

These factors, combined with somewhat sandy and shallow soils, result in low yields of grapes that often are among the last to be picked in Chile, as much as 30 days after the Maipo Valley, in fact. White wines from these grapes have well-developed flavours and wonderful aromas held together by firm natural acidity.

Vina Indomita:

Cantus Reserva Sauvignon is a pure, exuberantly fruity sauvignon packed full of grassy, tropical fruit with a lovely tangy finish.

Cantus Reserve Pinot Noir shows wild strawberry and raspberry fruits dominating a soft palate which leads through to a gentile finish.

Code / Product / Vintage:

White Wine
3315 Cantus Reserva Sauvignon 2015 Screw Cap

Red Wines
3316 Cantus Reserva Pinot Noir 2014 Screw Cap

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