Bodegas Masia Can Mayol based in Penedes make an extensive range of Cavas under the Loxarel and Saniger labels. Loxarel's 50 ha of vineyards, located high in the mountains, are structured around environmentally friendly production. The Xarel-lo grapes used in their Cavas come from 70 year old vineyards. The bottles are aged in caves that were used as shelters by the civilian population during the Spanish Civil War.

Bodegas Masia Can Mayol:

Masia can Mayol is one of a number of producers classifing their wine as Sparkling Penedes rather than Cava. This requires a higher quality of winemaking, longer ageing and also allows the use of regional varietals.

Saniger is a blend of Xarel-lo, Macabeu and parellade with 15 months ageing - giving a full rich and rounded style and will soon appear with a new modern label.

Vintage Reserva is aged the same but without any dosage giving more crispness and less weight, which is the traditional Cava style.

Reserva Familiar is aged for 42 to 48 months. The Cava is only disgorged when ordered, thus reaching the customer in peak condition. The taste is light and complex with almond pastry notes, finishing clean and elegant.

MM is a Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Xarel-lo blend aged for at least 42 months. The superb presentation reinforces the quality of the Cava. It is very aromatic with delicate floral and nutty notes, exceptional good balance on the palate and a dry, lingering finish.

'999' Rosat is made from Pinot Noir and Xarel-lo Vermell (red Xarel-lo). Bottle ageing is moderate, about 14 months, in order to emphasise the aromas, fruit and freshness of the wine. It has a fairly full colour and taste where raspberry and other red fruits dominate.

Code / Product / Vintage:

White Wines
1893 Loxarel 'Vintage Reserva' - Brut Nature 2011 Halves
1890 Saniger 'Reserva' Organic - Brut NV
1887 Loxarel 'Reserva Familiar' - Brut 2009
1888 Loxarel 'MM' - Gran Reserva - Brut 2007
1889 Saniger 'Reserva Limitada' - Brut NV Magnum

Rosé Wine
1891 Loxarel '999 Rosat' - Brut NV

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