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Ch Climens was established as a vineyard in the 17th century and buy the mid 20th the estate had grown in size and reputation, producing wine which in some vintages rivalled Yquem in terms of quality and price. In 1971 the estate was acquired by Lucien Lurton, head of the Lurton family, who own a number of Bordeaux chateaux including Brane-Cantenac and Durfort-Vivens.

Climens has 29 ha of vineyards at Climens planted entirely with Semillon vines of an average age of 35 years. Yields vary with the vintage, but typically the average for the first wine is 7 hl/ha. The wine spends up to two years in oak before being bottled without filtration, with a typical production of 3000 cases per annum. The style of wine is elegant, racy, with great vibrancy - classic Barsac. But Climens has the potential to develop greatly with bottle age, taking on a plump, rich opulence. These are great wines and they are very worthy of cellaring.

Chateau Haut Roquefort

100% Semillon from 2 ha of vineyards where some of the vines are over 100 years old. It has a bright golden colour and an aromatic candied fruit character.

Elysium Black Muscat given its colour, from a dark skinned Muscat varietal Hamburg, it is a surprise to encounter rose petal aromas and lychee flavours.

Essencia Orange Muscat has a bouquet, as its name suggests, of orange blossom with a vibrant palate and refreshing aftertaste..

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Code / Product / Vintage:

2663H Ch. Haut Roquefort - Cadillac, Bordeaux 2014 37.5cl
2663 Ch. Haut Roquefort - Cadillac, Bordeaux 2014 75cl
2793 Ch Climens - Premier Cru, Barsac 1996 50cl

3365H Elysium Black Muscat 2012 37.5cl
3364H Essencia Orange Muscat 2012 37.5cl

1512 St Johanner Abtey Eiswein QmP - Rheinhessen 2012 37.5cl