Morton Estate is a well respected winery and one of New Zealand'stop independent producers. Fiercely committed to wine making as an art, not just as a business, they take the boutique approach to winemaking by controlling the entire winemaking process - from grafting its own cuttings, developing its own vineyards and viticultural techniques to investing in the best technology.

Morton's vineyards are concentrated in the famous winegrowing regions of Hawkes Bay on the east coast of the North Island, and Marlborough on the northern tip of the South Island. Sauvigion Blanc is obviously a major varietal but Morton is renowned for its production of Chardonnay having been a past winner of Decanter World Wine Awards, ‘Best International Chardonnay’.

This success is the dividend paid for their philosophy: “At Mortons we aim to provide a consistent, reliable and comprehensive package to our customers. To achieve this we have total control over the necessary inputs. Owning our own nursery enables us to select and propagate healthy plants and closely match root stocks and cultivars to specific sites and soil conditions. Our fruit, sourced from company-owned and managed estates, enables us tocontrol viticultural practices and ensure optimal ripeness.”

Morton Estate:

Penny Lane Chardonnay is lovely fresh and unoaked: a wine of tropical fruit and toffee notes with superb drinkability.

Code / Product / Vintage:

White Wine
2845 Penny Lane Pure Chardonnay 2012 Screw cap

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