Krombacher Beer

Imported into the UK by Morgenrot since 1987 Krombacher’s continual expansion and ability to maintain its leading position in todays challenging beer market is backed by investment and innovation and, above all, by maintaining quality and authenticity.

Krombacher Brauerei was founded in 1803 in the small town of Krombach, nestling in the beautiful Siegerland Hills of Westfalia, central Germany. The brewery was sited to take advantage of the local mountain spring water which it still draws upon today.

Adhering to the strict German beer purity laws, Krombacher is made using traditional brewing methods and the finest natural ingredients: Hallertau hops, malt from summer barley and their own age-old yeast strains. But the renowned factor in Krombacher’s brewing is its use of the crystal clear spring water - soft and low in minerals and ideal for producing the Pilsener style of beer that arrived from Bohemia in the late 19th century.

Being under family control Krombacher is the largest privately owned brewery in Germany and remains the best selling brand in the competitive Pilsener sector of Germany’s domestic market. It is also exported to thirty countries worldwide and is a prominent brand throughout Europe where beers of superior taste, quality and character are readily appreciated.


Pils. Their flagship beer has a wonderful balance of hops and malt with a distinct crispnesson the finish.

Hell. A malt dominated lager, both on the nose and palate, with a fuller and less bitter taste than a Pilsener.

Weizen. A tangy style of wheat beer which has an exciting fruity and full bodied taste with plenty of aromatics.

Dark. Deeply coloured and medium bodied with a moderate bitterness and rich high roasted malt.

Radler. 50/50 blend of original Pils and lemonade. Very refreshing taste, which leaves enough scope for the full flavours and aromas of the Pils to shine through.

Low Alcohol. Brewed with exactly the same quality ingredients as the Pils and Weizen making it difficult to distinguish from the full alcohol version

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Krombacher Product Codes:

4005 Krombacher Pils 4.8% 30 ltr keg
4006 Krombacher Pils 4.8% 50 ltr keg
4016 Krombacher Hell 5.0% 30 ltr keg
4014 Krombacher Weizen 5.3% 30 ltr keg
4009 Krombacher Dark 4.7% 30 ltr keg

4001 Krombacher Pils 4.8% 33cl nrb
4003 Krombacher Pils 4.8% 50cl nrb
4002 Krombacher Pils - returnable 4.8% 50cl
4018 Krombacher Pils 4.8% 66cl nrb
4013-1 Krombacher Weizen 5.3% 50cl nrb
4008 Krombacher Dark 4.7% 50cl nrb
4019 Krombacher Radler 2.5% 33cl nrb
4007 Krombacher Low Alcohol Pils <0.5% 33cl nrb
4017 Krombacher Low Alcohol Weizen <0.5% 33cl nrb

4012 Krombacher Pils 4.8% 33cl
4004 Krombacher Pils 4.8% 50cl
4015 Krombacher Pils 4.8% 5ltr