La Mancha is the largest wine region in the world producing both DO and Viñedos de España categories. It is an ideal area for growing grapes due to the long hours of sunshine; the versatility of the land enables a vast variety of grapes from around the world to thrive without problem and low yields offer premium quality.

Bodegas Lozano was established in 1853 when wine was first produced from their vineyards. Four generations later the company, which was founded in 1920 when the first winery was built, is the largest privately owned, family run Bodega in Spain.

Situated in the heart of La Mancha at Villarabledo Bodegas Lozano own almost 1000 ha on two estates - Los Carrasca and Los Salvadores - which are planted with 11 different grape varietals. They collaborate with more than a thousand local growers to source and vinify additional requirements.

Bodegas Lozano are fully adapted to the needs of the global wine trade, exporting to 30 countries. Their access to varietals and volume allows them to offer bespoke wines and labels. As an important part of the company's forward looking philosophy they have, in the past 10 years, invested 75 million Euros, including the opening of a plant specialising in the elaboration of grape juice, making Bodegas Lozano the most prestigious winery in La Mancha.

Bodegas Lozano:

Costa Cruz Blanco is a fresh and fruity blend dominated by citrus and tropical fruits.

Costa Cruz Rosado is brightly tinged with aromas of strawberry and red berries with soft forest fruits on the palate.

Costa Cruz Tinto is soft and rounded with dark berried fruits to the fore and a mellow and delicious finish.

Code / Product / Vintage:

White Wine
3105 Costa Cruz - Verdejo/Sauvignon 2012

Rosé Wine
3107 Costa Cruz - Tempranillo/Grenache 2012

Red Wine
3106 Costa Cruz - Tempranillo/Shiraz 2012

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