{Noble Vines} utilise wines from selected clones of the famous grape varietals - vintners have historically singled out the most admired vines, naming each with a unique number to identify its exceptional attributes. {Noble Vines} have planted a selection exactly where they will flourish best: in select locations of California - on the red soils and stone cobbles of the family-owned vineyard in Lodi and on the gentle slopes of their cool-climate estate in Monterey.

Monterey benefits from its proximity to the Pacific Ocean; the sea water is a cool 55F year round. The chilly sea wind and fog blow down the Monterey valley and have a profound impact on the vineyards. Monterey is one of the coolest growing regions in California - perfect for developing ideal flavour, concentration and balance in the wines.The family-owned San Bernabe Vineyard is one of the most diverse single vineyards in the world, with multiple microclimates varying in soil types and conditions. Warm days and cool nights with lots of wind and fog determine the perfect growing conditions for 446 Chardonnay and 667 Pinot Noir.

{Noble Vines} 446 Chardonnay
446 Chardonnay is made from grapes of a single vineyard; the juice has undergone malolactic fermentation, battonage and oak ageing. The wine has appealing aromas of golden delicious apples, pineapple and apricots. Medium bodied with a creamy midpalate that has flavours of peach and hints of toasty vanilla spice.

{Noble Vines} 667 Pinot Noir
667 Pinot Noir is cool fermented and has a little light oak ageing. It shows wonderful aromas of black cherry, earth and a touch of vanilla. Plush tannins and balanced acidity support core flavours of ripe cherry, bitter-sweet cocoa powder and delicate hints of sage.

Code / Product / Vintage:

White Wine
3335 {Noble Vines} 446 Chardonnay - Monterey 2010

Red Wine
3338 {Noble Vines} 667 Pinot Noir - Monterey 2010


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