Cervecera Artesana

Cervecera Artesana is situated in La Rioja, Spain and has one of the most stunning views from any brewery - the gorge Peñas de Iregua. They were founded in 2012 and are a true craft brewery producing bottle conditioned lagers and ales.

Cervecera Artesana are located in Nalda next to our Rioja producers Bodegas Nivarius.

Their Palax and Ceriux range of craft beers take full advantage of the pure local water from a spring in the upper Iregua river basin in a natural, environmentally-rich area surrounded by beech and oak trees.

Quality raw ingredients as well cutting edge technology to satisfy even the most discerning beer connoisseurs.

The resulting craft beers are rich in nuances and personality.

A bottle-conditioned lager made using Hallertau Tradition hops. Following on from aromas of honey, flowers and citrus fruits it has a full, rounded taste with more complexity and medium carbonation from the secondary fermentation in bottle.


Ceriux Rubia:
A top fermented ale made from Perle and Cascade hops giving dominant citrus and spice aromas with some malt and citrus and a balanced bitter finish that lengthens its taste.

Ceriux is beer with "a touch of wine." Before bottling, and being based in wine producing Rioja concentrated grape must is added. This imparts aromas and flavours that are usually associated with wine: the white (Viura) and red (Tempranillo) musts add subtle aromas and flavours that make Ceriux delicious and very different.

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Palax Product Codes:

3841 Palax 4.9% 30 ltr keg

3840 Palax bottle conditioned 4.9% 33cl nrb 24
3842 Ceriux Rubia bottle conditioned 5.4% 37.5cl nrb 12