Kopke is the oldest Port export company, set up by German Cristiano Kopke in 1638 and family run for generations. It was bought under the control of the Barros company in 1953, becoming part of a portfolio that included Feurheerd and Hutcheson ports, and the estate improved and expanded. In 2006 the Sogevinus Group took overall control of these brands.


The hand stenciled Kopke Port bottles express the traditional artisan quality and nostalgic appeal long associated with the enjoyment of the finest ports.

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2998 Kopke Dry White
2997 Kopke Medium sweet White
2995 Kopke Ruby
2994 Kopke Tawny
2992 Kopke Late Bottled Vintage 2011
2990 Kopke 10 Year Old Tawny
2996 Kopke Colheita 2002