Quilmes - Argentina's Favourite Beer

Quilmes has a 46% share of its home market - it truely is “Argentina’s Favourite Beer” - and this Argentinian icon is enjoying an international reputation with export growth in the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe. It is great lager to drink on its own but also makes a good food match with South American or Mediterranean cuisine and has an established following.

The Quilmes brewery was founded in 1890 in Buenos Aires by German immigrant Otto Bemberg. Quilmes quickly dominated the beer market in Argentina with outlets in all major cities. Having acquired several more breweries Quilmes was at the forefront of the brewing industry: they made the first malt from Argentine barley in 1921 and this enterprise supplied not only the company's own breweries but practically the entire national beer industry. At the same time, and with the same objective of self reliance, the first bottle-cap factory in Argentina was established at Quilmes to replace cork stoppers. Associated companies owned by Bembergalso produced ice, carbonic gas, and soft drinks.

Quilmes is a genuine import - brewed only in Argentina. Quality and provenance is assured from its use of Patagonia hops, high quality barley malt grown in The Pampas and pure water from the Andes

Quilmes is now established as a Premium Lager primarily targeted at stylish conscious drinkers in trendsetting bars, quality pubs, hotels and restaurants. It attracts adventurous consumers keen to try something different and remains closely connected to all things Argentinean, notably sport. They sponsor the national football team and are associated with international polo and rugby events and have a notable presence in youth culture through their hosting of rock music concerts.


Lager. Brewed to 4.9% Quilmes is a classic lager that reflects its brewing heritage: golden colour, rich texture, refreshing light hoppy taste with a crisp, dry thirst quenching finish.

Bock. A speciality lager with a copper red colour; dominant maltiness and low hopping accentuates its powerful character which carries medium weight.


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Quilmes Information Sheet (PDF)

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Quilmes Product Codes:

434 Quilmes Lager 4.9% 97cl nrb
439 Quilmes Lager 4.9% 34cl nrb
441 Quilmes Bock 6.3% 34cl nrb