Ribero del Duero lies north of Madrid alongside the Duero river. It has been an 'up and coming' region since Vega Sicilia achieved its phenomenal success. Many new wineries have started up with innovative outlooks producing excellent wines, but unfortunately reflected in their price. The wines, even the young Joven ones, have a full, forceful style typical of the regions traditions.

Martín Berdugo celebrated their 10th anniversary in 2010. They are a modern, progressive family company easily witnessed by the contemporary architecture of the winery and the minimalist 'spot' motive on the labels. Less obvious though is their constant evolving and experimentation with the wine making. Martin Berdugo look for improvement at every harvest and have a passion to bring what they call an “element of difference” to those who share their taste and wine philosophy: one of style, flair, communication, discovery and “the creation on unforgettable moments”. The estate consists of a single 87 ha vineyard of Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) grapes located and surrounded by the Duero River; a major part of the vineyard in on alluvial beds covered with large stones. The quality of the wines is influenced by a number of natural factors and, importantly, an attitude that “everything counts”- grape selection, weather conditions, terroir, meticulous spring and summer pruning, the use of leading edge technology after traditional manual harvesting etc. The location of the cellar - surrounded by the vineyard - guarantees the reception of the grapes in optimal conditions, where-after the wine is vinified in sixteen 25,000 litre stainless steel vats and aged in 360, mainly American, oak barrels.

Ribera del Duero:

Joven is a fashionable wine with a young soul; unoaked with plenty of red fruit character, it will make fine drinking for two years after harvest.

Barrica has an aromatic intensity showing black fruit nuances. Having been aged in French and American oak for 4 months it will improve for up to four years in bottle.

Crianza is aged in new oak barrels for 12 months to provide a note of a wider spicy complexity but always keeping its fruity personality for up to six years.

All the wines are bottled unfiltered and may require decanting with age.

Code / Product / Vintage:

Red Wines
3173 Berdugo Joven - Tinto 2010
3176 Berdugo Barrica - Tinto 2009 50cl
3174 Berdugo Crianza - Tinto 2008
3174M Berdugo Crianza - Tinto 2006 Magnum

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