Rueda, north west of Madrid, is famous for its crisp dry wines. It is planted mainly with the local Verdejo grape, but Sauvignon Blanc is equally suited to the conditions here. Modern wine making techniques have made Rueda whites among the best in Spain.

Bodegas Castelo de Medina, founded in 1996 by three wine lovers, is based in the heart of Rueda, in a little village called Villaverde de Medina. The winery is built in traditional Castilian architectural style: face brick, stone, wrought iron and wood. It has advanced technological equipment, ideal for a modern high quality elaboration, while maintaining the traditional principles of the area.

Of their 190 ha of vines the majority are white varietals, notably Verdejo the native grape of the region and Sauvignon Blanc. The vineyards are situated next to the winery, thus ensuring complete freshness during the harvest. Progressive and innovative in their approach to wine making, the results are superb.

Bodegas Castelo de Medina:

Vega del Pas - offers a fine varietal style giving aromas of grass; fennel and tropical fruits with a crisp, long finish.

Medina Verdejo - is crisp and mouthwatering with strong, distinctive aromas of cut grass and a dry finish. The 2012 vintage was awarded Best Verdejo in the World by the WAWWJ.

Medina Sauvignon Blanc - is light and tropical with typical varietal character mid-way between old and new world styles.

Code / Product / Vintage:

White Wines
3478 Vega del Pas - Verdejo 2013
3479 Vega del Pas - Sauvignon Blanc 2013
3102 Castelo de Medina Verdejo 2013
3103 Castelo de Medina Sauvignon Blanc 2013

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