Sherry today is both traditional and fashionable, benefiting from a resurgence of interest through tapas restaurants and dedicated sherry bars. It is food friendly and the lighter styles especially can be drunk and appreciated as you would a bottle of wine.

Bodegas Baron can trace its origins through 20 generations back to 1631 and has been in the hands of its current owners, headed by two dynamic young brothers, since 1984. It is both one of the oldest and most progressive quality producers - and previously unseen in the UK market.

It consists of two bodegas: Molinillos, the oldest in Sanlúcar, whose central naves date back to 1631 and where the 150 year old soleras of Anselmo Paz are guarded.

Baron has rebranded its production away from labels of old into three contemporary brands - Micaela, Xixarito and Soluqua - with modern, eyecatching labels.


Bodegas Baron
Micaela is the new design for the entry level range from Bodegas Baron. With a distinct and deliberate move away from a traditional image, Baron are expressing themselves with ultra-modern stylings.

Manzanilla has a pale straw colour, clean intense aromas of fruit and cut grass. The taste is dry yet soft encompassing classic salty notes on the palate with refreshing bitterness on the finish.

Fino is golden yellow with copper notes and a nutty aroma. It is dry and expressive with plenty of dried fruit character on the palate and some saline and iodine notes.

Amontillado has a rich golden colour with a nose bursting with chocolate, caramel, almonds and wood. The palate is silky and almonds resurface with a touch of spice in the flavour profile.

Oloroso is deep and rich with lively aromas of orange peel, almonds and hazelnuts. The taste is dry and powerful rather than sweet with a sharp and crisp finish.

PX is dark rich and predominantly sweet with raisins and figs on the nose supplemented by coffee, chocolate and liquorice on the palate to give a warm, velvety mouthfeel.

Xixarito represents the 2nd tier of wines from Bodegas Baron. An uberfashionable design led label, aimed at the more discerning Jerez consumer or establishment.

Soluqua is Baron's new premium range. The wines have never appeared on the market before as they used to be reserved for family consumption. Lucky for us, they've now decided to share.

Code / Product / Grape / Length Aged / ABV:
3374 Micaela Manzanilla - Sanlúcar de Barrameda Palomino 3 - 4 years 15%
3370 Micaela Fino - Jerez Palomino 3 - 4 years 15%
3371 Micaela Amontillado - Jerez Palomino 4 - 5 years 17.5%
3372 Micaela Cream - Jerez Palomino & Pedro Ximenez 4 - 5 years 17.5%
3373 Micaela Oloroso - Jerez Palomino 4 - 5 years 17.5%
3375 Micaela PX - Jerez Pedro Ximenez 4 - 5 years 15%
3384 Xixarito Manzanilla - Sanlúcar de Barrameda Palomino 10 years 15%
3381 Xixarito Amontillado - Jerez Palomino 15 years 17.5%
3383 Xixarito Oloroso - Jerez Palomino 15 years 17.5%
3385 Xixarito PX - Jerez Pedro Ximenez 15 years 15%
3394 Soluqua Manzanilla - Sanlúcar de Barrameda Palomino 12 years 15%
3394 Soluqua PX - Jerez Pedro Ximenez 30 years 15%

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