Sparkling Wines

Mionetto winery has its origins and headquarters in the beautiful hills of Valdobbiadene in the Italian province of Treviso, famous the world over for its vineyards and the production of Prosecco. It was a passion for the wine and a love of the land that in 1887 inspired master winemaker Francesco Mionetto to found the winery there, now famous the world over for its exclusive sparkling wines and Prosecco.

This enthusiasm, coupled with close ties to the culture of its native region, are the fundamental pillars of the brand, which continue to be reflected in the la Pieve and Mionetto labels. Today il Mondo Mionetto is internationally renowned among discerning sparkling wine enthusiasts as the brand with the famous “pearls”.

Brillant make a fruity, round and rich white with hints of tropical fruits and natural sweetness plus a different and characterful light red wine with a grapey bouquet, medium sweetness and light mousse.

De Perriere produce a well made 100% Blanc de Blanc Chardonnay with wonderful aromas of apple pie and a light, crisp finish and a Pinot Noir dominated rose with blackcurrant and strawberry notes on the nose and a gentle mouthfeel.

La Pieve Frizante Floral, apricot and honey notes stand out with fine long lasting hints of tropical fruits, natural sweetness and light delicate sparkle..

La Pieve Spumante Straw yellow colour with an intense and characteristic floral fragrance. It is fresh, harmonious and pleasantly lively on the palate.

Prosescco Bennati comes from the top DOCG area. The 'extra dry' discription actually means medium sweet (ie beyond dry); the wine stylishly delicate, fragrant and well balanced.

Spumante rose is made in the in the Veneto region of Italy where the best Prosecco comes from. This lovely wine is deeply coloured and textured with plenty of fruit character and a gentle fizz.

Code / Product / Vintage:

White Wine
1700 Brillant Trocken Off-dry - Germany
1804 De Perriere Chardonnay Brut - France NV
1820 La Pieve Prosecco Frizante - Italy NV
1821 La Pieve Prosecco Spumante - Italy NV
1825 Mionetto Prosecco 20cl - Italy NV
1809 Prosecco Bennati Conegliano-Valdobbiadene Extra dry - Italy NV

Rosé Wine
1805 De Perriere Rosé Brut - France NV
1822 Mionetto Spumante Rosé - Italy NV

Red Wine
1702 Brillant Halbtrocken Medium Dry - Germany

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