Spirits and Liqueurs

Morgenrot offer an extensive selection of Spanish spirits and liqueurs to complement our range of Spanish wines and beers. They offer a great point of difference to more mainstream listings and are versatile components in cocktails or can be enjoyed on their own.

We carry a range of styles of Spanish Brandy with differing ageing:
Veterano is a dark pouring brandy full flavoured with a sweet caramel finish.
103 is pale, light, delicate and fragrant.
Magno Reserva is excellent mid-level quality, dark coloured, smooth rounded with good depth of flavour.
Soberano is a five year old Reserva and is full flavoured with a gentle toffee character.
Carlos I is top of the range 'cognac style' from a Solera established in 1889: the blend having an average age of 12 years. Amber in colour with elegant oak aromas it is full and balanced with a delicate dry finish.

We offer a range of speciality Spanish aperitifs and digestifs:
Anis is a Pernod type aniseed aperitif.
Pacharan, a Navarra regional aperitif, is macerated with sloes.
Ponche is a digestif of old sherry and brandy sweetened and flavoured with orange and herbs.
Licor 43 a unique drink containing forty three 'aromatics'.

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Code / Product / abv:

Spanish Brandy
2949 Torres 10 yr Gran Reserva 38% 70cl
2944 103 Solera - Osborne 36% 70cl
2941 Soberano 5 yr Reserva - Gonzales Byaz 36% 70cl
2946 Magno Reserva - Osborne 36% 70cl
2942 Veterano Solera - Osborne 30% 100cl
2947-1 Carlos I 12 yr Gran Reserva - Domecq 38% 70cl

Spanish Liqueurs
2932-1 Hazelnut - Tilfords 20% 70cl
2932 Peach - Tilfords 20% 70cl
2932-4 Green Apple - Tilfords 20% 70cl
2950 Crema Catalana - Melody 17% 70cl
2951 Ponche - Caballero 25% 70cl
2937 Pacharan Sloe Casero - Zoco 25% 100cl
2952 Licor 43 31% 70cl
2954 Anis del Mono - Osborne 36% 100cl