Sweet Red Wine

Sweet Red Wine featured here are not overbearingly sickly. They can be served alongside desserts or drunk on their own by wine lovers who like a medium sweet style.

Because of their lack of tannins they are ideal served chilled - making them a very verstile: low in alcohol red wines for summer or drinking with spicy foods.

Blaufrankish is smooth, soft and esy drinking; deeply flavoured with red berried fruits. It has residual sugar of approx 60 g/l

Dornfelder is an important German varietal; cross bred in the 1950s to incorporate the best features of other red grapes. Lieblich, German for delightful, lovely, refers in wine making to a medium sweetness - equivalent to the French moelleux with approx residual Sugar of 40 g/l. Medium sweet with an aromatic blackberried nose, rounded with very little tannins. Soft enough for simple drinking, complex enough for serious consideration.

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Code / Product / Vintage:

1608 Blaufrankisch - Late Harvest 2014 75cl

1609 Dornfelder - Lieblich QbA - Rheinhessen 2014 75cl