Boisset, the large and famous Burgundy negociant, has been given a makeover in the past few years, evident in the top appellations of Nuits and Beaune all the way down to their table wines. The emphasis on the sourcing and sorting of quality grapes is reflected in this House Range, presented in a traditional 18th century style bottle.

Jean Claude Boisset:

Cuvee Tradition Dry White Crisp, golden white with good depth and elegant flavour. Very easy drinking.

Cuvee Tradition Medium Dry White Rich and soft medium dry white with nice balance and gentle acidity.

Cuvee Tradition Red Medium light Gamay based wine with soft tannins and a rounded mellowness.

Vigerons Ardechois:

Rochebaron White Light, bright wine with plenty of fruit character and a soft finish.

Rochebaron Red Attractive light colour with plumy black fruit and light tannins.

Code / Product:

White Wines
2080 Rochebaron Screw cap
2020 Boisset Cuvee Tradition - dry Traditional bottle
2021 Boisset Cuvee Tradition - medium dry Traditional bottle

Red Wines
2081 Rochebaron Screw cap
2022 Boisset Cuvee Tradition Traditional bottle

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